Welcome to the Reformed Bible Society

We are a fellowship of like-minded people who believe in the power of God's word in the process of salvation, and spiritual maturity. We are convinced that God's best missionary is His Word. Therefore, the ministry the Reformed Bible Society is to effectually distribute God's Word to all who would receive it. Also, we provide study resources to encourage its study and further understanding.

We offer all our products at ministry prices (at cost or slightly above) to all our Members. Membership to the Reformed Bible Society is required to access the deep discounts we offer to further the ministry of Scripture distribution. However, Non-members can still take advantage of our every-day low prices, and special offers, all-year-round!

Why Become Member?

There is at least one reason why becoming a member is a good idea: Greater Savings! Members enjoy deeper discounts, exclusive offers, and free access to ministries resources specifically designed to further the work of evangelism. Our ministry prices are meant to help churches and individuals do more for less. a gift of any size is all it takes to become a member.

There is one more very important reason, than savings: Partnership! As a member of the Reformed Bible Society you join the work of getting God’s word into the hands of those who need it most. That is what RBS is all about; become a member today!