Board of Directors

Rev. Jose R. Ruiz (President)

 After twenty years of service with three major Bible societies in the United States, and five years as pastor of one of the oldest churches (still in use) in the oldest denomination in the United States, the Reformed Church in America. A passionate advocate for the Reformed Faith he conducts seminars and workshops on the tenets of Calvinism in plain language. Convinced that once adopted and embraced Reformed theology allows the fullest expression of the Christian faith, he has committed the rest of his life to teaching and reintroducing God's people to these often neglected truths.

Frank Gomez (Vice President)

With nearly 20 years of ministry with the American Bible Society, and five years as a worship leader, Frank is convinced that Christ-centered, Word-centered forms of worship are crucial to a meaningful encounters with the living God in corporate settings. He serves on the Board of the Reformed Bible Society as Vice President.

Carl Dobrowolski (Consultant)

Is the Founder and CEO of Goodwill Rights Management, an organization that helps businesses develop an efficient and sustainable rights operation. Goodwill Rights Management offers effective, enthusiastic Rights Management, Publisher Relations and Business Development for publishers in the world-wide market. Additional consultation and resources are available for those in search of marketing, creative, publishing, production, warehousing and logistical solutions. He serves on the Board of the Reformed Bible Society as licensing and Scripture Distribution Consultant.